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101 Tips For When They’re Back – #80

Tell Your Story – Tip #80

Everyone has stories inside of them to share about their experiences during a deployment, re-integration, posting or their lives as part of a military family.  Whether you were the one on a deployment or at home waiting for the deployment to be over, tell your story – a lot happens to you!  You don’t have to write a public blog or have a published book but you do need to put your thoughts out there – write them or record them somehow.  By sharing your experiences you are processing your thoughts and feelings, letting others understand your experiences and taking the first step in letting go and moving forward.  This is also a great way of sharing all the things that happened to you while your family member or friend was away.  They can look through it or read it at their pace when they return and it will help to fill in the gaps while they were away.


* If you don’t enjoy writing, tell your story through a video journal

* Take a photo of something or someone every day

* Decide in advance whether or not others are going to be allowed to read it/see it

* Remember to record dates and times (you think you will remember but time really does fly)

* Make time to do this every day – it will be time just for you (which we all don’t do enough of)

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More Tips for Military Families with Teens # 18

Video Diary – Tip #18

If you are anything like me, teens know more than I do when it comes to technology and never miss an opportunity to demonstrate they know more than you do.  This means that a video family diary may be the perfect way to record your time apart and get the entire family involved.  It can then be uploaded onto a site (ensure there are privacy settings) and your absent family member will not only hear about changes but be able to see them too!


* Borrow or purchase an easy to use camera that everyone in your family can operate

* Put it in a high traffic area so that you don’t forget to use it

* Make rules around up loading videos such as you see everything BEFORE it is sent out or posted somewhere

* Ensure that you have enabled maximum privacy settings BEFORE uploading or sending any videos

* Avoid talking about where your spouse is or details about where you live

* Make sure everyone takes turns operating the camera so that one family member isn’t missed

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