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1001 Tips for Military Families – Tip #459

Deployment Weight 

chained to scale

I have battled with my weight my whole life. I love food (and hate it all at the same time).  My favourite foods are usually over 200calories a bite!  If it is sugary, salty or fried, I will most likely eat it. I eat when I am bored, lonely, celebrating or sympathizing.  I also have the terrible self destructive habit of weighing myself obsessively and letting the scale dictate how I feel about myself.

This deployment I ate my way through the first 5 months. It was an easy, short term way to feel better.  The long term result is that I am up 12 more pounds (I already had plenty to lose), my pants are tight and I am scared to even look at a swimsuit. It isn’t a great feeling. So… I have decided to start to do things that will make me feel better in the long term and try to find other things to do rather than eat ridiculous things that have no nutritional value.  But… there are things I am going to do differently this year…

My Plan:

* I have stopped weighing myself everyday (it has been hard as I was doing it at least 3 times a day) – my whole day can be determined my a number on a scale and I often eat more when I am higher with the defeatist attitude that I am already up pounds so why not?!

* I am determined not to set insane timelines on my weight loss that I always fail on and then eat through the feelings of failure – I usually give myself a month to lose 8Lbs or tell myself I will be down to my ideal weight in 6 months, it sets me up for failure

* I have cleaned out of the house pop and chips – they are foods that we were all eating too much of and now they are here for me to automatically turn to

* I have changed my routine.  I had the habit of coming home and snacking and so now I am filling that time with other things like walking the dog or reading for 30mins.

* I have worked hard to get more sleep – when I am tired I use the excuse that I am eating for energy, I also make terrible food decisions when I am tired and stressed

* I am going to work hard on my ‘self talk’ – I am my worst enemy.  I think and say horrible things about my body 100’s of times in the day and I am positive it hasn’t worked in helping me to ever lose weight and makes me feel so terrible about myself

* I am working on cutting out all diet Coke…  I am an addict but I am also convinced that not only does it make me moody it also makes me crave more sugar

I am hopeful that my changing some of my habits and being more aware of the things that I do that actually add to my problems rather than help, that I will now begin to sustain weight loss in a healthy way that lasts.  Wish me luck!

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2 Responses

  1. Good Luck! I am trucking through day 1 of my first deployment. IT IS AWFUL! I’ve decided to put the gym into my morning routine. I wish you the best of luck! Just keep going, even if you go slow, you’re still lapping the people on the couch!

    • Thanks for the support. I walk each morning with my dog but the couch really calls my name around 7pm… 🙂 Hope you are managing through the first weeks. You do get into a routine and a groove and hopefully you are getting into that. 🙂

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