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Living It! – Week 25

Journal Daily – Tip #10

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So…  I have not been following my own advice and writing in a journal this deployment. When we had our last deployment I wrote in a journal every day (sometimes only a line or two) and then sent the journals over for my husband to read about our daily lives, the kids would draw pictures on pages and we even put in photos or ticket stubs.  They were a great way to track the big and the little things and they are a fabulous keepsake.  I can see them on the shelf as I write this!  Now jump ahead 7 – 8 years and technology seems to have taken over my life.  Instead of a journal, I write a daily email and attach photos of things we are doing, report cards or art work they have done.  I wanted this to be something that we had as a memory though so I started a file and put a copy of each email into there each day.  That way I could always print them out and scrapbook them if I ever have time…  unlikely but I remain hopeful and I didn’t want them to just be lost in my husband’s inbox.

My advice remains the same (despite me not doing a good job of following it).  This week I bought a book and decided that we would track the next few months in “hard copy” and make it something he can read when he gets home.  I decided that sending them over during the deployment has way too much risk that they will be damaged or lost.  It is also some thing nice to enjoy and a great conversation starter when your family member gets home.


* Get everyone in the family involved

* Make time each week to write a few things in it

* Add ticket stubs, bills, or any other momento that you can think of

* Include Top 10 lists

* Print pictures off your phone and add them in

* Put the book in a high traffic area so it doesn’t get forgotten

* Make it fun, not another responsibility – you don’t have to write a novel, just a few lines a day is enough

* Use doodles or drawings too


For more information about our tips, resources and books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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