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Living It – Week 24

Tip # 54 – Exercise


Tracking the kms!

Tracking the kms!

I am not good at exercising.  I know I should be and always feel better when I do but that doesn’t often translate into me actually doing any aerobic activity with any consistency.   Last year we got a dog and it has been the only thing that has ever consistently worked in getting me off the couch!  I walk him every morning whether or not it is -35C, raining, or snowing.  But…  the walking isn’t enough.  Our entire family could do with getting more aerobic exercise.  We have an exercise bike in our basement.  Until last week it hung clothes nicely and contributed to a few stubbed toes (as we walked around it rather than getting on it).

This week I got serious about my ever growing butt and got my family on board too.  I made a chart (see above) and we are all going to try to bike as far as the country their Dad is deployed to before he gets home.  Usually the only reason I get off the couch at night is because my bladder is so full that I am in physical pain.  I am hoping that this will help us to break the cycle of being couch potatoes and get us all working in a healthy way towards a fun goal.

What I have learned from this week is:

* We are all out of shape, the bike is downstairs and sometimes out of sight out of mind but I am forcing myself to go down and use it!

* The chart to track the distance we have biked is helpful (also quite alarming in terms of how far I could bike before I nearly lost a lung)

* If I don’t do it, my kids won’t so I have to get on there even when I am exhausted

* We have more time to exercise than I thought and I need to stop making excuses but we are not, in all likelyhood, going to realize our goal of biking the distance of the deployment but we are going to try anyway.  I decided to include the kms I walk each day with the dog.

* We all feel more awake and energized when we get off of it (I also feel sweaty and am gasping for air but hopefully in a few weeks that will change)

For more information about our tips, resources and books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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