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Living It – Week Seventeen

Breakfast for Dinner – Tip #85

Breakfast for dinner

It may be considered slightly sad that my idea of shaking it up a little is to have breakfast for dinner!  Having said this, when we do shake it up and have breakfast for dinner there is always something a little lighter and fun about this meal.  The kids laugh more, we all eat everything on our plates and it usually comes as a welcome relief not to cook another dinner that someone will find something to complain about.  I am not going to lie, it is also nice to hear the supportive cheer about what I am making.

Some of my suggestions for this tip were:

* Pour the pancake batter into large cookie cutter shapes – they turned out quite hilariously and not at all what they were supposed to be!  We had fun trying to guess what they actually were.

* Make a smoothie or punch to go with dinner – I made smoothies as I was able to sneak in more fruit and some greek yogurt for protein

* Use fancy or paper plates – I used paper plates and while I know this makes me a horrible environmentalist for the day, it was an easier clean up and I am all about that when attempting to survive a deployment!

* Eat in a different room – We have no choice – just before my husband left we had a flood (something like this always happens over a deployment with us, I think it is a rule) and now our kitchen is in utter chaos!

For more information about our tips, resources and books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org



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