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Living It – Week 14

Phone Calls  – Tip #80

An easy way to remember what to say!

An easy way to remember what to say!

I have to say that deployment phone calls are some of the toughest.  I always hang up thinking, “I forgot to ask about…” or “I forgot to tell him about…”.  I blame cordless phones!  You can wander all over the place and get distracted (at least I do).  My kids find the calls hard as they can’t think of things to talk about and end up saying “yes/no” the entire time.  This deployment I decided that I would try to make a list of things to remember to ask or talk about (which was my own advice from the “101 Tips for Military Families”).  I also added to it an area where we could tell him meaningful ways in which we missed him – not just the standard, “I miss you” line.  Finally, I put our lists by a landline phone that is actually attached by a cord (this is also a great comfort in power failures as it is the only landline phone in the house that works).  This means we all have to drop what we are doing, focus on the call and have a list right next to us to help remember everything.  From my husband’s point of view, he has their undivided attention, the conversations have moved beyond him asking questions and getting one word answers and I think he has enjoyed hearing that there are different moments, activities and times in the day when he is missed.  Living my own advice this week has definitely made calls a lot easier – I wish there were more of them but at least when he is able to call we are prepared!

For more information about our tips, books and resources go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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