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1001 Tips for Military Families – Tip #454

1 Second A Day –  

I recently watched the movie Chef (in a semi conscious state, flopped out on the couch).  I didn’t, personally, think it was a fabulous movie but…  there was an idea in it that I would like to steal and think it would be great for military families particularly when you are dealing with a deployment or lengthy absence.  The child (in the movie) went on a trip with his Dad and each day made a 3 second video each day and then put them all together.  It was obviously not edited or really done by the child but it was amazing and got me to thinking about what a great way it would be to share a little part of every day with a Mom, Dad or family member that is away.  So far I haven’t found any apps that make the 3 seconds a day easy but I have found one that does a second a day (1 Second Everyday).  This week we tried it and had a lot of fun.  To me it isn’t always about capturing the big moments but more about making sure all the seemingly insignicant things that happened in a day are captured sometimes too and now it will be in a video that won’t take a lot of time to watch but will capture and summarize our month in a different way.

In experimenting, with apps that do this kind of thing, I am now using three.  They each take less than a minute a day and are great at capturing a moment in time each day.

1.  1 Second Everyday – I am sure there is even more  you can do with this app but right now I am recording mini videos (they can be longer than 1 second) and taking a photo a day.  It then will make them into mini compilations for you to watch.  Mine is super small at the moment as I have only done 4 days but I made the video and it joined all the days together (in order) and it was great.  I also love that I can look at the calendar and see all the days so it gives me a good sense of what I still need to take pictures of this month.


2. Collect – This shows you a month at a time and lets you take a photo and attach it to a day.  I like this one as you can add a quick note and after 6 months to a year deployment I will definitely not be able to tell my husband where or why those photos were taken.  It is quick and user friendly.  I am trying to take a picture of someone or something different everyday.


3. Everyday – If you have a child then this is the app for you to take a photo a day of them and then it will make it into a video.  I think it would be amazing to see a year of your child growing and changing.  I did it of myself to try it out and have 5 photos of me doing differnt things each day.  It is already quite funny.  It would be fabulous if your absent family member could do this everyday while they were away too.


For more information about my tips, resources or books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org



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