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Living It – Week 13

Mapping Their Journey – Tip #76

World Map

I have not been great about living my own advice with this one.  When I wrote it a few years ago I was doing it but we have moved and not had another deployment until now so I had forgotten.  This week my kids started talking about where their Dad was and I quickly realized that they had no sense of where in the world he has been deployed to, how far it is, etc.  so I bought a map (there are also a ton of free printable maps online too).  We have been able to map out where their Dad is, how long it would take to get there, time zones, etc.  It was a good geography chat and I think it make them feel better too.  We have decided to now mark (with different coloured stickers) all the places that he has been, all the places that we have been as a family and then use a completely different coloured sticker to mark all the places that we would like to go.

When I taught at a base school (quite a few years ago now) we put up a map and attempted to run/walk the number of miles that it would take to get to Afghanistan in a school year.  It gave students a goal and a sense of distance they hadn’t considered before.

I am sorry but for safety reasons I won’t post my map right now.  

 For more information about our tips, resources, and books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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