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1001 Tips for Military Families – Tip #449

As our family gears up for another deployment it was definitely time to update our pre-deployment checklist!  I hope you find this as helpful as we do.  Some of the items may not apply to you or your family but I have tried to make them as general as possible.

Here is the link to it in a printable format:  http://wywa.ca/DEPLOYMENTRESOURCES/Pre_Deployment_Checklist.doc

Pre-Deployment Checklist

To Do

Additional Info


Walk through of house to locate:1) Fuse box2) Water Shut off3) Breaker

4) Gas Valve

Health Insurance Information, Policy number, etc.      
Mailing address during deployment       
Military Family Resource Contact Information during the deployment      
Contact info for:Rear Party: ___________Unit Contact Information:_______Email: ____________________    
Update Contact information for schools     
Update family and friends with contact information      
All bills and payments are on prepaid schedule or set up and accessible      
Updated will & power of attorney       
Power of guardianship completed       


Marriage certificate, birth certificate, health cards, etc.  all accessible     
Location of mortage or rental agreements      
Household budget agreed upon and summarized      
Emergency Contact Lists done – phone tree created      
Authorization to access accounts and information      
Pay office information and pay allotments organized      
Passwords available – computer, internet, etc.   Computer: ________________Alarm: ___________________Internet: __________________Other: ____________________  
Update calendar with important events and dates and give to each family member or have an online calendar everyone can access    
Create first aid kits and emergency kits      
Give set of house and car keys to friend or trusted colleague      
Car Maintenance and Insurance all done and up to date   Name of mechanic/ contact info:____________________________  


Get CAA/AAA  Membership # ________________    
Permission to travel with children form completed     
Organize yard maintenance, snow removal, grass cutting  Contact #’s:     
Create a “need to know” sheet for the fridge     
Get family photos taken      
Vet Information      
Emergency Car Kit    
Create a countdown calendar for the kids or candy jar     
Put up pictures in the kid’s rooms      
Create a set location to put mail & make an agreement on what to open and not open     


For a printable copy or more information about our resources, tips and books go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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