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Living It – Week Eight

Time with Friends – Tip # 6

I picked this tip as it is something that I am failing miserably at and thought I should take my own advice a bit more. In theory, I am positive that I would be a much better human being if I had more time to spend time with friends that I can be real and laugh with. In practice, Monday to Friday I am flying solo (Friday night I quietly die on the couch) there is little time to connect with my friends. I miss being able to meet friends for dinner on the spur of the moment or not visiting when I am practically falling asleep in my meal. It isn’t easy to find time to spend time to sleep let alone visit with friends. This week I took a good look at my schedule and carved out time to go and have nachos with my best friend and sat with a friend at my children’s swim practice and had a great chat and one of my favourite people in the world offered to come to me with lunch. It has been renewing and definitely makes me a better Mom, principal (a lot less grouchy in both of these roles) and person in general.

I have given myself a report card for this tip based on the advice I gave in the book and how well I was doing actually keep it.

* Spend time with people who energize and enrich your life – I do this: A

* Attempt to see friends and family in person instead of on the phone, using Facebook or email – I am not doing well with this: C-

* Join a club, organization or evening class that you’ve always wanted to – signed up for pottery again: A

* Get a partner to go with to the gym:  I have been walking my dog 3-4km a day and while this is wonderful, there is no one that wants to get up at 5:30am to join me:  F (failing at spending time with friends) & A (for getting up at 5:30am each morning and actually doing it)

* Make spending time with a friend or family members a part of your weekly routine:  I give myself a failing grade on this right now but…  I have booked one evening a week for 2 hours where I am going to attempt to reconnect with friends so while I am currently failing this is the tip I am going to attempt to live by so I give myself a C-


While I don’t always practice what I preach with friends, I am very lucky to have patient friends who will still be willing to connect with me even if it has been over a year.  Look for those people in your life and connect with them, they are the people that know all about you and love you anyway.  Facebook is a lonely place.  My advice remains the same despite my struggle to follow it – get out and spend time with friends and make it a part of your routine.  You will feel better, hopefully your friends will too.

For more information about my books, resources and tips go to:  www.whileyouwereaway.org


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