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Coming Home – A Recommended Read

Coming Home

By Greg Ruth


Children's book about reunions

Children’s book about reunions

From time to time I am lucky enough to be sent previews of books.  This is one I was looking forward to as I am a fan of any books that can highlight military life for children.  It is hard to find books for military families that their children can directly relate to and that are so beautifully illustrated.  With a few simple words the author highlights the pain and excitement of waiting to see your family member again.  I also liked that the boy was waiting for his mother.  Many of us can easily forget that Moms get deployed too!  If I was reading this book with my children I would use it to start conversations about what the reunion will be like, let them know that other people feel just like you do with the waiting and start asking them questions about what they are looking forward to, what they are worried about and what they aren’t going to enjoy.  This book can easily be the start of important conversations with your children and could lead to activities such as making a welcome back poster, making a list of things they’d like to do with their returning family member and/or making a picture of everyone back together again.  I would recommend this book for children ages 3-10yrs old.  Having said this, as an educator, I would also use this book with older children as a model for how you can create a story with pictures and simple text.

For more information about our books, resources and tips go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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