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Living It – Week Five

Tip # 46 – Emergency Kits

So…  I did follow my own advice when I wrote the book but since then life has zoomed by and I have never updated the kits!  Recently, I discovered that most things were missing or useless. Of course, I discovered this when a short, but violent, storm came through our area we were without power for several days. Over the years people in my family had obviously helped themselves to the batteries, the water had expired (didn’t even know water had an expiry date), the flashlights had been used for camping and never returned and the entertainment type things I had added would have been great when they were younger… Needless to say that scrambling around in the pitch dark, listening to complaints about how bored they are and trying to ignore questions about when the power is going to come on nearly sent me over the edge.

This time we had to weigh the cost of buying a generator with the cost of replacing all the food in the fridge and freezer. We bought one and while it was an expense we can’t really afford, we couldn’t afford to lose all the food. There is also,now, the comfort of knowing that we have it now for the next emergency (hopefully there won’t be one but the weather in our world today is definitely changing and causing havoc no matter where you are).  This weekend we are going to go through our emergency supplies and re-do the bins so that I am actually back to following my own advice!

Emergency Kit Suggestions:

– Waterproof matches

– Flashlights

– Additional batteries

– Plug in phone (it works in a power outage)

– Battery powered or wind up radio

– Candles

– Pack of cards/board game

– Hard candy or gum (helps to distract)

– Non perishable food

– Emergency blankets

– Glow sticks

– Headlamps

– Pen and paper

– Extension cords (need them to use the generator and keep it outside)

– Ziplock bags, garbage bags

– String

– First aid kit

Emergency Kits

For more information go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org



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  1. Oh I remember when the power went out back in 2011 I believe in the states of California and Arizona. This list would have come in handy as well as some other personal things. We really do not think about what we need until we have the need of an emergency kit. This list comes in handy especially when there is a deployed spouse and we need to be prepared for anything.

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