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Tip #446 – Summer to Do’s


Summer Goals – Tip #446

Summer fun

With the exception of my readers living on the other side of the globe (in this case make it winter goals), summer is coming up fast. One of the ways we make time pass in a fun way rather than a “when is he going to ever come home” way is by setting some fun “Summer To Do’s”. These short term goals give our family things to look forward to, things to work towards and do together. In the past, we have discovered that the summer has come and gone before we have even remembered all the things we promised we’d do. Here is our list below to inspire you…

Before the end of the summer we will…
* Go on a road trip for good ice cream
* Play mini golf
* Go swimming at least once a week
* Learn a new sport
* Do a bargain shopping day
* Play baseball
* Have a backyard BBQ party
* Read 10 books
* Go to the movies
* Have a picnic
* Ride our bikes (at least once a week)
* Visit __________
* Clean out our rooms
* Go hiking
* Do a scavenger hunt
* Go camping
* Go on a canoe camping trip
* Make spider hot dogs
* Roast marshmellows
* Play tennis
* Have a sleepover with friends in the backyard
* Go to 10 different parks in the city
* Find a good outdoor pool to go to
* Make a summer song mix
* Go on a scavenger hunt
* Try a new sport
* Go canoeing
* Re-do our rooms

For more tips, ideas and resources go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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