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1001 Tips for Military Families – #437

Filling in the Little Gaps – Tip # 437

When you are in a military household there is often more time that you are apart then together.  When you do get back to being a complete family there is never (usually) a shortage of big events to share and/or talk about.  It is the smaller, daily events that are harder to fill in but they are equally as important in some ways and part of what makes you and your family who you are.  Filling those gaps in for an absent family is important.  It will help them to feel more connected to you all, an important part of the family and help to alleviate that feeling of being left behind and/or forgotten.

I have come up with an easy way to capture your memories and remind you of the smaller moments so that you are easily able to share some of life’s smaller but significant moments when they get back – a pocket chart system!

To do this you will need:

* Labels

* Pocket Chart (I got mine from Target for $1)

* Markers

* A high traffic area for people to see regularly

When you have movie stubs, tickets, postcards, photos, notes from school, cards, speeding ticket, etc. each family member can slot them in (easily) to their section to talk about later.  If you have additional time write a brief note on the back, the date and why you kept it or write why you missed them not being there, what they would have liked about it or said about it, etc.  Capturing these, seemingly, insignificant things can help you to connect in a deeper way, will trigger other stories or memories and help your absent to have a more complete picture of life while they were away.

For more information about our books, resources or tips go to: www.whileyouwereaway.org


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