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1001 Tips for Military Families – Tip # 431

Emailing/Connecting – Tip #431

Your time is valuable and I recommend that you use it wisely by creating a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email to family and friends (the family we choose!).  Anyone of my friends or family that are reading this are probably asking why I don’t take my own advice as communication is an area that we are still working on.  Life gets very busy and when you are a part of a military family and a family member is deployed or absent a lot, time is even more valuable and when I get any spare time I most of it I spend sleeping!   What we often fail to realize is how many people care about us and want to hear about our lives and the things we are doing.  The problem is that to send an email to everyone that cares or wants to know what is happening in our lives is usually too overwhelming to even consider.  My suggest is, make life easy on yourself, send out a bulk email.

Bulk Email Tips:

* Let people know that you are sending a bulk email because you want to stay in touch but don’t always have the time you’d like

* Include as many family members as possible by having them write a section too or doing the photographs

* Don’t set a particular time or date when you are sending one out as you may not be able to get it out and it will just be another stress or pressure that you don’t need

* Create a mailing list folder so that all you have to do is call it up rather than typing in each person’s email each time

* Upload a photo or two (you could also send this email to your absent family member and they’d see some pictures too)

* Let people know that you may not be able to reply to their replies!

* If you have a Facebook or MySpace account then update your profile and pictures and send out a “What’s Happening” every now and again

* Update all of your email addresses before your family member goes away to make sure you have everyones and not just the people you chat with the most

* Be sure you don’t go over 50 emails as a lot of email accounts then think that it is spam mail and may filter you.  If you need to, send out the same email a couple of times with different mailing lists

* Create different mailing lists for different groups of friends and family – your family, close family friends, distant relatives, collegues, Facebook friends, etc.

* Keep it brief as you don’t want to get caught up in a lengthy email and having everyone expect those all the time

For more information about our tips, books and resources go to: www.WhileYouWereAway.org


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