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Tips for Military Families # 412

Maps – Tip #412

It is one thing to tell your child that you or a family member are going to another country but it is another to have them be able to mark, look at, read and absorb it all on a map.  Having a map in their room or somewhere in the house is a really visual thing that can really help.  It will be easier to explain time zone changes, distance, why calls aren’t as easy, etc.   There are a lot of ways you can use maps throughout the pre-deployment, deployment and reunion stages.


* Take smaller pictures of family members and cut them out and place them on the map (include relatives that may be living miles and miles away too)

* Use stickers to mark places you have been – use one sticker to mark places you all went together, one sticker for places you went during the deployment and one sticker for places you would like to go or are planning to go to when they are back

* Mark the time zones (if they are not marked already) so that you can reference the map easily and think about what they may be doing at any given time

* Don’t forget about mission security where this is concerned – place it in a bedroom or lower traffic area

* If you know it, track their journey from their house to where they are deployed – use a different coloured marker each time they change transportation methods or make a pit stop (this will allow everyone to understand that it isn’t as simple as jumping on a plane and coming home)

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  1. I never thought about using tiny pictures before. That is genius! Your site is great, I’m getting a lot of ideas on things to do with my 3 year old. Thank you!!

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