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Tips for Military Families – #411

Family Resolutions – Tip #411

There is no better time to make a few resolutions for the year and since everyone else is, why not?  Being in a military family means constant change and having to make a variety of commitments and promises to yourselves and others each and every year/month/week/day so I have found that a lot of military families don’t take a lot of time to make family resolutions as they are just one more stress and pressure.  This year I am challenging you to make some different resolutions for yourself with your spouse or family that will hopefully bring you a little more calm, time for yourself, time for your family and help you to feel better about life in general.

Family Resolutions:

* Eat together once a day whenever possible – put cell phones away from the table and the phone will only be answered if it is an absent family member, each person could talk about at least one highlight of their day

* Each week take some time to do one thing as a family/couple that everyone will enjoy – let each person have a chance to choose the activity and will commit to trying it with an open mind

* Each family member will blog, journal or take photos to capture a week – do it in a rotation so that each family member gets to capture some moments in time in their own way

* Once week every family member will do a random act of kindness towards another – you cannot do a random act to the same person two weeks in a row and the family member doesn’t have to be in the same house, city or country to do a random act of kindness

* Once a month (at least) make dinner together – go ‘wild’ and try a new recipe each time

* Each family member gets an hour a day of peace and quiet with no demands made, questions asked, etc.

For more information about our tips, resources and books go to: http://www.WhileYouWereAway.org

To submit a tip of your own, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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