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Tips for Military Families – Tip #1001

Take Your Own Advice – Tip #1001

I am taking some of my own advice for the next two weeks….  I am making time for family, prioritizing, being adventurous and trying new things, eating well (perhaps too well), getting out and doing some exercise, appreciating that this Christmas we are all together and making the most of it and taking a holiday away from the day to day routine.   I spend enough time dishing out my tips and advice (as many of us gladly do) that I thought it was a perfect time to follow it.  We will often tell people all the things that they ought to be doing to feel better, take better care of themselves, or do for someone else but (I am bad for this too) don’t often treat ourselves with the same kindnesses!

I will not be back writing tips until January 9th – I will be doing all of the above mentioned.  Until that time please feel free to read the over 300 tips that I have posted in the last two years, send feedback or your own tips or do what I am doing and step away from the computer and jump head first into the holidays.

I would like to take this time to say thank-you for your support, reading my tips, writing to me, sending me information or tips of your own.  I love being able to write for so many people and appreciate that you all have busy lives too so am especially honored that some your precious time each week  is spent reading what I have to say.

For more information about our books, resources and tips go to: http://www.WhileYouWereAway.org

To submit a tip of your own write to: Megan@WhileYouWereAway.org


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