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1001 Tips for Military Families – #406

“1001 Things To Love About Military Life” – Tip #406

Normally I don’t promote a lot of books that are similar to mine, as I would love my readers to buy my books but this is a book that every military family should read and enjoy.  Staying positive isn’t easy when you are in the middle of a deployment, exercise, move, or just trying to make the most of all that military life throws your way.  “1001 Things To Love About Military Life” makes it easier to focus on what makes military life fun, different, exciting (at least never dull) and why you should feel very proud to be a part of it.  These authors have captured so much about what makes military life so different from civilian life.  How quickly I have forgotten that I didn’t know the 24hour clock and now I even use it!


* Read this book (it doesn’t have to be in order, just flip it open and enjoy!)

* Go through it and read all of the “You Know You Are A Military Spouse When…” and mark the ones that you agree with

* Make notes in the boxes they give you and then have your family member read it with all of your notes and marks throughout it

* Try to come up with 10 things to love that the authors haven’t thought of

* Highlight some ideas you haven’t thought of and challenge yourself to do them (like Cake in a Jar)

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