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1001 Tips for Military Families – # 408

Counting – Tip #408

I have written many tips about how to countdown during an absence or deployment but there is also some value in counting the days rather than counting them down!  Make the days count as opposed to count the days away is one of my mantras when it comes to surviving a deployment.  One problem with counting down is that we often we don’t know exactly the number of days absent our family member will be and there are also delays and it is frustrating.  We also may look at each day as something just to get through rather than enjoyed.  By keeping track of each day that you made it through without each other you will give yourself a sense of accomplishment and it is a way of acknowledging that time is passing in a positive way rather than wishing the time away (even though we do that too!).  Find a way to count the days that is fun and interesting or will benefit you and/or your entire family.


* Put a dollar in a jar for each day they are away and then spend it all on doing something together when you are together again

* Make a daisy chain each day with paper and use it to decorate the house when they return

* Have your family make a design and each day add another symbol or picture to it until they are back and it will be a huge poster for them to enjoy and look at with you.

* Paint a square with chalk board paint and then mark each day absent

* Take pictures each day of the number of days you have been apart.  Make it a personal or family challenge to find the number already printed on a sign, box, billboard, etc. and take a picture.  Then post the pictures up on your Facebook, blog, or email them each day with a brief message about what the day was like

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