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101 Tips For Troops – #15

Mind Over Mood – Tip #15

Changing the way you think can help you change the way you feel.  Military life – whether you have been deployed or working on your base, training, etc. – can bring forward a ton of automatic thoughts that shape the way you feel about your family, work, friends, etc.  We all have automatic thoughts that are reactions to a memory, event, smell, sound, etc.  Identifying those automatic thoughts will help you to look at how you react/respond and feel.  These are the thoughts that come straight to you, in a situation, that you don’t give a lot of time into thinking about whether or not they are real or perceived.  Doing this exercise will help you feel more in control and able to recognize your triggers and create different ways of thinking.  Challenge family members or friends to do this exercise too and see if you can identify the automatic thoughts that you all have and how your thinking can change your mood.

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