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101 Tips for Troops – #6

Take Inventory – Tip #6

You may think that you will remember where you put things, what you packed away, moved to another location, put in storage and gave away when you get back from a deployment.  You probably won’t.  It will be the one thing that you really want back, need to find or can’t remember what you did with it that will drive you crazy and cause unnecessary frustration that you don’t need any more of.  To avoid frustrations list the important things that you have, what you are doing with them, where they are stored, etc.


* Label storage bins with with numbers & for each number have a list of what it in the container

* Make a file on your computer with information solely about what is stored where, scans, pictures, storage contracts, etc.

* Take a picture of the bin/storage from the outside and a picture of what was on the inside

* Let your insurance company know about your storage plans if you have valuables you want to continue insuring

* Make a hard copy and electronic copy of your lists

* Give your list to a long time trusted family member or friend (in case you discover you or a family member needs an item prior to your return)

* To save digging around in boxes/containers put a list on the top of what is inside

* Scan your credit cards and other valuable documents that are in your wallet or purse so that if you lose any of it, you have a record of what needs replacing

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