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Book Recommendation of the Week

Diary of An Empty Bed        By: Ariel Aiken

Easily one of the best books I have read for truly making me feel as though this person understands the way people feel when we are going through a deployment.  It might sound strange to say that a coupl of the purposely left blank pages in the middle really spoke to me.  As much as I encourage people to write, keep a diary or journal and express their feelings there are days when even doing that is just too much.  It is an easy read too which is another plus as you don’t feel overwhelmed (when you usually already are).

Here are some samples:

“Day 89 – I let my farm die on Facebook.  Surprisingly I felt a tinge of guilt for all my virtual plants that withered without me and the cows that didn’t get milked.  Someone help me…”

“Day 123 – That song you liked came on the radio.  You always pop back into my mind even when I try to push through without you.  Sometimes remembering, thinking, missing you is just too much for me to handle.”

After reading this book, I realized that in a simple, perfectly arranged way I felt like someone else got the despair, loneliness, the funny side, and all of the other things that some with being apart from someone that loves you and understands you the way that only they can.  I highly recommend this book!

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