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101 Tips for Troops – #9

Phone Calls – Tip #9

Whether you are deployed, on a training exercise or in a location far from home, family and friends will love getting phone calls from you.  An email, text or Facebook message is not the same as hearing your voice.  Hearing their voices could also help you too (to remember that you are cared for and loved).


* If you are leaving a message remember who is going to be listening to it

* Leave a message and let them know that you were thinking of them

* Let people know any limitations you may have to making phone calls

* Create a phone tree for others so that if you are calling one person they can then connect and pass on information to everyone

* While girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife calls can definitely be a priority, try to set aside a few minutes to call family members and friends too

* If it is a cell number, remember that phones can take a few minutes to get out – call back immediately in case someone didn’t get to the phone on time and then you will know for certain they are not available or home

* Try to learn time differences so that if you have the luxury of calling at different times in the day you will be able to reach and speak to the person at a good time for both of you

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