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101 Tips for When They’re Back – Tip #216

Family Wish List – Tip #216

When your family completes a deployment it is important that you find ways to come back together as a family by creating new goals and following through with some old ones.  You have not shared the same world or experiences for the entire time they were deployed and it will be important that you begin to create new and happy memories together.  This will help to remind you that you still love and care about each other, have some of the same interests, can laugh at some of the same things and most importantly love being together.


* Make a list of 50 – 100 things that you have always wanted to do, interested in doing or thought would be fun

* Highlight the ones in a particular colour that you can do within the month and use another colour to highlight the ones that you will do the next month or within the year

* Ask other people to give input on the list too

* Remember to put a mix of things that are both short and long term, easy and hard to achieve, need no money and that you would need to save for

* Post your list in a high traffic area so you don’t forget your dreams and goals

* Check them off as you do them and look through your list and make any changes you want at least on a monthly basis

For more information about our tips, books and resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

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