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101 Tips For Families – #212

Be Prepared – #212

This motto has been working for the Boy Scouts for well over 100 years!   Whether you have a family member absent, on a course, training all hours of the day and night or unreachable for portions of the day it will be important that you are prepared for unexpected emergencies or problems that life throws your way.  If the car won’t start, there is a plumbing issue, your locked out of your house, etc.  there are a few things you can do to prevent problems from becoming full blown emergencies and really reduce yours and your family’s stress levels.


* Have a couple of extra keys cut and leave one in a locker or desk at work, give one to a close and trusted friend, neighbour or family member

* Get the names and numbers of reliable, affordable and trustworthy plumbers, electricians, roofers, base housing, etc. and post them where they can be seen or email them to yourself so that they are quick to find and you’ll feel confident calling and asking for assistance

* Get a car kit that includes a battery booster, emergency window breaker, emergency blanket, etc. and check it/update it every 6 months

* Keep extra batteries, flashlights, water, long life food, battery or hand powered radio, multipurpose tool, etc. in the house where everyone knows the location and they are easily accessible

* Have the full names and contact information of your family’s friends, your children’s friends, friends of friends, etc. so that you can contact who you need to quickly (we often have our family and friend’s numbers but not a lot of their friends and neighbours information or information about the places they are when they aren’t at home)

* Keep all medical, insurance, ownership, etc. all together in a location where your family or a friend can find it easily to reference.  Make a photocopy and give to a trusted family member or friend or put in a safety deposit box

* Create a plan with family and friends about checking in with them when you are on your own and what they should do if they have not heard from you in so many days, weeks or months

* Have a first aid kit in the car and in your house that is fully stocked

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