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101 Tips for Troops – #4

PTSD Risk Factors – Tip #4

Knowledge is power and the more you know and acknowledge about yourself the better equiped you will be with the emotional stress and strains that come with any and all absences, moves,  missions and/or deployments.  It is important that you understand the pre-event factors that may influence how you react to tramua, stress and/or deployment.  That is not to say that all of these factors will negatively impact how you will deal with stress or additonal trauma but they are certainly important to be aware of.

Some Pre-Deployment Factors:

* Previously being exposed to difficult or traumatic life events (victim of a crime, abuse, neglect, witnessing someone else’s trauma)

* Periods of time when you have previously experienced depression or anxiety

* Financial stress

* Relationship difficulties

* Substance abuse

* Being under 25years old

* Having experienced excessive losses of people or things in your life

* Difficulty with authority

* Lack of trustworthy, loving and supportive relationships

Some of these factors you can look at prior to a deployment and address them before experiencing any further stress or trauma and it may help you to approach new stressful situations differently and return home feeling safe and genuninely happy.

For more information about our tips, books or resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

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