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101 Tips for Military Families – #215

Unbirthdays Tip #215

Everyone needs an excuse to celebrate or even just take a break from their reality and there is no better way to do this than with an unbirthday celebration.  Military life – deployments, re-integrations, courses, training, moves, and other challenges can make it feel, at times, that there is nothing to feel good about or celebrate.   Surprise your family or friends and throw them or yourself an unbirthday celebration.  Get a cake, decorate, go out, treat yourself to something, do anything that you would normally do if it was theirs or your birthday.  I even had a friend that decorated a t-shirt before going out that said “Wish me a happy unbirthday”.  She ended up with a lot of strange looks and a lot of laughs inbetween.


* Let people know in advance so they can ‘celebrate’ with you, if you are going to invite a lot of people

* Get a fancy cake

* Decorate, make a funny sign or t-shirt

* Make a budget and stick to it – choose some affordable but fun things that you can do (you don’t want to feel worse afterwards that you spent too much money)

* Don’t wait until you feel like doing it – you may be waiting forever!

* Ask each person to bring something to go into a care package for a soldier instead of a gift

* If you have a deployed family member ask each person attending to say (on video) or write (in a card) a few words about how much they are missed – you have all these people in one place, take advantage of it!

For more information about our tips, books or resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

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