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Book Recommendation of the Week

Even More Awesome – Neil Pasricha

This book is filled with optimism and if you are struggling through a deployment, absence, reunion, or just the daily challenges that military life can bring you, this book will be a welcome read.  This book reminds me of all the things in my life that I have experienced or continue to experience that are truly wonderful and they are also the things that you forget to appreciate or have a laugh about.  It lists everything from – ‘Being on vacation and forgetting what day it is’ to ‘A big ball of ear wax unexpectidly falling out’.  This book will make you smile even when you feel like there isn’t a lot to smile about.


* Make your own family book of awesome and have as many people as possible do a page and then send it to your deployed or absent family member

* Have each family member vote or comment throughout the book and then send it with all of your notes

* Do a photo book of awesome things.  Give each family member the assignment to take pictures of their top ten awesome things and then make them into your own book of awesome.

* Give each person a page and create a book of awesome for the person who is absent (make each person write a few lines about why they think he/she is awesome) and send them their own book of awesome

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  1. Loved your 101 Tips for Families with Teens, except all the typos! 🙂

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