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101 Tips for Troops – #15

Give and Leave Advice – Tip #15

Coping with military life or a prolonged absence can be challenging under the best of circumstances, for anyone.  Completing some of these tips before your absence or deployment might make your life easier upon your return and help your family (parents, children, girlfriend, friends, wife, etc).  They will be looking for answers to what you would do if you were here.  Leaving a video, some sort of recording or notes about your advice will not only be a way of letting the people at home know that you care but providing them with your help and support even when you aren’t there to do it personally.  Don’t forget to point out that you trust their judgment and are just giving your two cents!

Before you leave you could write notes or make video clips titled “If I was you I would…”.  You could provide advice for different scenarios and then your family can bring them out at much needed times when your family would want to know what you would advise if he/she was actually with you.

Advice about:

– What you think they should do in a power outage

– What to do if your child breaks curfew

– What to do if the car breaks down

– What to do if ___________ is annoying you

– Who to call if you have a car accident or run out of gas

– A couple of people you think it would be good if they got in touch with or talked to for support

– What to do if there is trouble at school or work

– What to do when they are worn out or tired

– Things that you think they might want to try while you’re away

– Dating advice for your children or friends

– Your opinion about listening to the news or gossip and somewhere they can get accurate information

– Your advice about what to send you, where to write and how best to get a message to you

– Your opinion about the best place to go to relax and have fun

– Your advice on fixing ___________________ if it breaks down while you are away

– Your advice about using your car…

– Money advice and what you would and wouldn’t be willing to have it used for

For more information about our tips, books or resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

To submit a tip of your own, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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