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Guest Blog #4

Military Duty Stations

This is a site that I stumbled onto while searching information about different bases.  It is written by the people that live or have lived there!  It is an incredible source of information for military families everywhere and especially those posted to bases in the US.  It has information about every base and surrounding area that I think would be difficult to find anywhere else and all at one site!

Militaryduty stations has even written a tip for us…


I am an avid listener to TED Talks (Technology Entertainment and Design). They are podcasts or videocasts that do not last longer than 18 minutes and 9 out of 10 ‘talks’ are absolutely riveting. I tend to listen to them, while driving,working out, even cleaning the house.

Two events crossed paths….one, Megan asked me if I wanted to guespost on her blog (YES!!!) and two, I recently listened to the TED Talk of Nic Marks about the ‘Happy Planet Index’. His talk resonated within me when I thought of Megans blog ‘While you were away’. You see, Nic Marks gathers evidence about what makes us happy, and uses it to promote policy that puts the well-being of people and the planet first. He says there are strong public messages about eating vegetables and whole grains, physical exercises are suggested to us to stay fit and in shape.However, what are things we should do to stay happy? His suggestions seem simple enough to incorporate them into our day, and that’s the good news! After all, especially military families could use an extra helping of happy to get them through whatever is thrown at them, right?

According to his research the following things will make you a little happier.

Rx: Do each,once a day


With the people around you. With family, friends, colleagues and
neighbours. At home, work, school or in your local community. Think of
these as the cornerstones of your life and invest time in developing them.
Building these connections will support and enrich you every day.


Go for a walk or run. Step outside. Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance.
Exercising makes you feel good. Most importantly, discover a physical
activity you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.


Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the
changing seasons. Savour the moment, whether you are walking to work,
eating lunch or talking to friends. Be aware of the world around you and
what you are feeling. Reflecting on your experiences will help you
appreciate what matters to you.

Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Sign up for that course.
Take on a different responsibility at work. Fix a bike. Learn to play an
instrument or how to cook your favourite food. Set a challenge you will enjoy
achieving. Learning new things will make you more confident as well as
being fun.

Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Thank someone. Smile.
Volunteer your time. Join a community group. Look out, as well as in.
Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community can be
incredibly rewarding and creates connections with the people around you.

For more information about our tips, books or resources to go: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

For more information about Military Duty Stations go to: http://www.militarydutystations.com

To do your own guest blog, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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