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Tips for Military Families – #28

Door Sign – Tip #28

While your house is not a hotel and your family member shouldn’t be allowed to have a permanent ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on their door handle there should be times when you or anyone in the family can have a self imposed ‘time out’ and a place to be alone.  A sign will help you to accomplish this and while you are making them you can come up with rules and a general an understanding about how long the sign can be up,  who can interupt, etc.

See below for a template you can use to create you own door sign.  If you want something even sturdier you can go to Michaels or another craft store and buy foam door hangers and decorate them yourself too.  My kids loved making them and while they made them they chatted to each other about why they like having time alone and how important it was that people read their signs!  Everyone needs time alone (regardless of age) and not only does this sign tell the world they need a minute to themselves, it also tells you that something is bothering them (something you don’t always know otherwise).

Door Sign Template:

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