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Tips for When They’re Back – # 64

Short Term Goals When They’re Back – Tip #64

During the deployment your friend or family member has had very few personal short term goals while they have been absent or deployed.  Staying alive and keeping his/her fellow soldiers safe, the mission and not going crazy.  Their only long term goal might have been to come home safely.  When they get back it will be important for you to set a couple of easy to accomplish, short term goals so that they don’t feel overwhelmed, like they are unable to accomplish things or that they can’t be the son, father, husband or friend that they want to be for you.  Spend time living in the moment, get input from everyone before setting goals, set only a couple, make timelines clear and realistic.

Short Term Goal Suggestions:

*Go through mail or a couple of emails once per ________

* Don’t use the phrase, “You should have…” with each other

* Eat dinner together ____ number of times a week

* Spend ___mins a day talking together

* Go and ________  together ___ times a week

* Have a date night alone together once a _____

Fill in those blanks together and listen to what your returning family member or friend is saying and not saying.  Ask them what they would like to do before telling them what you would like and don’t let me avoid answering by answering a question with a question.

For more information about our tips, books and resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

To submit a tip of your own, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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