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Book Recommendation of the Week

The North Star

By: Peter H. Reynolds

Military life is rarely boring, can be quite an adventure and can often take you in unexpected directions that you never would have considered if you weren’t part of a military family.  This book teaches kids about life being a journey with no clear answers about what paths to choose but some clues that are always there if you look for them.   This book is for all ages.  I have read it to a grade eight class all the way down to a grade one class.  The book encourages you to take a moment to slow down, reflect on your life, your choices and to imagine your own possibilities.

Activity Suggestion:

* Have students or your child draw a map or road

* Ask them to create signs to put on the road from their past, present and future

* Have them identify “forks” in the road, “bumps” in the road or places where they could have gone down the road smoothly

* Get them to set a minimum of 5 road signs for their future and place any potential obstacles

* If they are in a group setting, have them share their roads with others

* If you are doing this with your child, have them post it up in their room so that they can see what they have accomplished and some things they want for their future

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