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Tip for Military Families – #199

While You Were Away Jars -Tip # 199

We keep two types of jars for two purposes when my husband is away.  Which one you choose will also depend on your family and what they will like, buy into or understand.  One jar is for understanding time and marking the days going by and one was to save money to look forward to the time when they are returning home to do something special together with the money.

While You Were Away Jars

The jar on the left is for saving money while they are away and the jar on the left is to fill up with chocolate, candy, or some other treat that they can have one of each day (with the idea being that when the jar is empty your family member is home).  Make sure that if you are filling the jar that there are extras as you never know the exact date of return and these dates can change.  It is a visible way to see a goal becoming a reality (if you add a $1 a day to the jar you can soon see it adding up and your children learn about the value and rewards of saving money).  It is also an easy way for younger children to mark time.  I thought when my kids got older they wouldn’t be interested it the treat jar (they still are!).  You may be like us and end up doing both!

You will need:

A  Jar

Candies (if you are doing the treat jar)

Puff paint (check bottle to make sure it adheres to glass and do not put in dishwasher)

While You Were Away Jars 2nd picture

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