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Tips for Military Families – #105

Take a vacation from your daily life – Tip #105

When someone in your family is away, it is easy to get caught up in work, family, and every day demands.  It is not only you that does this, your children, family and/or friends may too.  If you want your kids jaws’ to drop tell them that you are taking a vacation from your life and so are they – for the day.  Take a day off from the everyday to not only stop and smell the roses but just to have fun and remind yourselves that life is for living.  Live by the idiom, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Taking one of those days every couple of months will renew you, I promise.  This will mean that you are more effective in all areas of your life and also happier.  A vacation from your daily lives does not have to be expensive, just fun for everyone.  Hopefully it will leave you feeling lighter, energized and renewed.


* Ask your family or a friend what day would work for everyone – make sure to check with schedules (work, extra curricular and school)

* Call the teacher if you want to be sure that they aren’t going to be missing something crucial (I called and explained that their Dad was away and that it had been tough and we all wanted a day together to break the routine and spend some time doing something out of the ordinary and fun.  The teacher was very supportive.)

* Don’t spend the day sitting at home watching TV or playing video games – the point of the day is to live life and do something special and different

* Do not use the day to catch up on things or run errands – in my opinion there will always be errands and things that need attention but you need to also take a break from that and just enjoy yourself

* Do not surprise your family – this needs to be planned slightly in advance so that it works for everyone and does not add to the stress to their lives (if it is a busy time at school or work you do not want to return to twice as much work and half the time)

* Have your family make a list of things that they enjoy doing and would do if they had more time and then slowly do them (Each person could finish the sentence: “If I had a day off I would…”)

* If Sunday is the day you all normally catch up on things and do laundry or do other things around the house and your kids just sleep in, do homework and watch tons of TV then plan a day out – go for a walk to get an ice cream, go on a bike ride, to a driving range, to the movies, museum, etc.

* Make sure it is really a day off for everyone – dragging your teen to your favourite museum may not be their idea of living life or fun!

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