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Book Recommendation of the Week

Five Good Minutes

By: Jeffrey Brantley and Wendy Millstine

I can get really stressed and frantic.  I like to feel in control of situations and fairly well planned and organized.  Keep in mind that I said that is how I like to feel not how I actually end up feeling most of the time.  One of the women that I am lucky enough to work with once told me that I needed to get a copy of “Five Good Minutes” and it would alter my world.  I laughed and said I would love a good five minutes all to myself any day.  I liked the idea that taking five minutes a day could alter the way I feel (mainly because I don’t have any extra time to spare) so I bought the book. It truly has given me some good techniques and moments of calm and relaxation in five minutes!  There are sayings in there that I use on a weekly basis and little things that have really made me reflect on what is important to me and how I put those things first.

I think this is a wonderful book for military families as you truly may only be able to carve out five minutes in a day and it will be a fabulous five minutes that you won’t feel as though you have wasted.  In the introduction to this book the authors state that the book is for you if you would like to do more with your life but don’t think you have time left to do it, just don’t know what to do to feel more satisfied or happier, often feel too tired or do not have the energy or strength to take on something else or, lastly, are curious and willing to experience some different approaches with your life.  I was pretty much all of the above.

Many of the activities and ideas I have also used with groups or classes of students and they actually look forward to that part of the day or session.  There are also other “Five Good Minutes” books like, “Five Good Minutes with The One You Love” which I think is ideal for you to do after an extended absence, deployment or just to try to reconnect with each other.

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