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Guest Blog #2

Protect Our Troops – Guest Blogger

A Tip For Families of Deployed Troops:

Military deployment is very stressful and taxing on the entire family.  Many families are forced to deal with more responsibilities and tasks when a parent leaves to serve their country. This guest blog is going to focus on one of the aspects of preparing for deployment:  Military families ensuring their loved one left behind are safe and protected.

One of the biggest concerns or fears facing the men and women asked to deploy is the safety and well being of their family members left behind.  Peace of mind for both the service member and his/her family during deployment are very important.

Getting an alarm system or home security alarm in your home should be one of the first things you could consider doing when preparing to deploy.  An active and monitored alarm system in your home not only brings you peace of mind and security, but from a financial standpoint, having one can also decrease the cost of your monthly home owners insurance.

In today’s world there are all sorts of home security companies and all sorts of alarm systems to choose from.  Deciding on what kind or brand of alarm to get should not be time consuming and more importantly you should not bring upon yourself additional stress than you already will be feeling.  Whether you want a DIY (do it yourself) system, a hard wired system, a cellular or wireless system is up to you.  However, an organization called Protect Our Troops is standing by to be your advocate with the alarm industry.

Protect our Troops has been serving military families for almost two years and helping hundreds of families receive a state-of-the-art home alarm system. Protect Our Troops is teamed up with ADT to bring free home security systems to all the men and women of the Armed Forces.  The typical price for an ADT home alarm system for equipment, installation and setup can run anywhere from $500 – $800.  With Protect Our Troops, all the initial cost is completely FREE.  Protect Our Troops has also negotiated lower monthly monitoring costs.  The typical troop will pay about $35 – $40 per month for the monitoring.

At the end of the day, if you do not get a home security alarm through a Protect Our Troops approved alarm company, they will still answer questions and help you make an informed and important decision.

A recent wife of a deployed soldier shared this:

“I am so thankful for what you have done for my family. With my husband serving in Afghanistan, my life has been a complete wreck. I have finally been able to have a good night’s rest knowing that my two sons and I are protected. Thank you for everything!”

So good luck in your research and your endeavor to get an alarm system in your home.


From: http://www.protectourtroops.org

The reason I chose this guest blog is because one of the things that I never considered, before my husband went on his first deployment,  is how it would feel to arrive home late at night to an empty house with your kids.  We did have an alarm put in for the second deployment and I did feel a lot better.  Just check that it is in your monthly budget to do so as you do not want to end up with a monthly fee that you cannot afford.  This is a reputable company that is advocating to get you the best possible rates, information and security for your home that is possible.

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