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Book Recommendation of the Week

A New House   By: Jill Wenzel

If you are posted or moving this year and have kids between 4years old and 9 years old this will be a great book to give them.  It is filled with activities, words of encouragement and answers questions for kids in a simple, honest and clear way.  It also gets them thinking about the changes and positive things that can come from having to move.  The author  included everything from change of address tear outs to different kinds of houses to mazes. It would be a good book to get your child before the move begins.

Moving Suggestions for Kids:

* Let them have a bucket or suitcase that they can pack themselves of things that are treasured, they don’t want to lose sight of, etc.

* Take at least 50 pictures of our new home from as many different perspectives as possible

* To give them some sense of control, offer to re-paint their new room and let them come with you to choose the colours

* If you have a pre-posting trip to your new home, get flyers of things to do in the area, go to the local sports and community centres to get their information, go to the school to get their information and take pictures of as many things in the community too

* Answer questions honestly but ensure that you are also putting in some positive spins even if you are having trouble finding them too

For more information about our tips, resources or books go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

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