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More Tips for Military Families – #56

End Conversations Positively – Tip #56

When my husband called while he was deployed, I was always ready with a million and one complains or woes that I was ready to share with him (as he is one of the only people I can really let loose with and complain like a woman that ordered a chocolate sundae and was brought a vegetable platter) but I had to remind myself (more than once in our short conversations) that our phone time was precious and should be spent with 10% complaining and 90% looking forward to when he comes home and telling him about all things that are happening in our lives.  We had a saying that we would also finish our conversations with –  “It could be worse, we could be…”. This really reminded us that no matter how tough things are, there are always people or situations that could be much worse!

Here were some of our our, “It Could Be Worse..”:

* It could be worse, we could be covered in dung in a field full of flies.

* It could be worse, we could be trapped in an elevator with no power except the elevator music playing Brittany Spears’s “Oops I Did It Again” for hours.

* It could be worse, we could be trapped on a school bus with 50 children singing “This is the song that never ends, it just keeps going on and on my friend…” for hours on end.

* It could be worse, we could be having to eat Granny’s cat food jello.

* It could be worse, we could be skinny dipping in a neighbour’s pool only to find out they weren’t really away for the week.

* It could be worse, we could be stuck on an island with only coconuts and a soccer ball for company.

You could come up with better but it gives you the idea of it.  This way we ended the conversation on a funny note and it really put things in perspective for both of us.  I would come up with some at the weirdest times so I used the voice recorder on my cell phone so that I could remember them.  My husband, at different times of the deployment, had a lot of time on his hands so he would respond with his own or with “That is bad but imagine…” or he would add to whatever I said to make it worse.

** Also note that phone connections are not always reliable so it helps to make sure you say the “I love you’s” at the beginning, middle, the end and any time in-between just in case you get cut off.

For more information about our tips, resources and books go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

To submit a tip of your own, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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