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Guest Blog #1

Sargeslist.com – Guest Blogger #1

I love the idea that others have information to share as well.  I certainly am far from knowing it all.  I have decided to open my blogs to guest blogging so that we can share information and ideas.  Our first guest blogger is from: http://www.sargeslist.com.  It is similar to Craigslist or Kijiji only for military families all over the world.  It is free and easy to use so I am happy to share information about it.

Unload extra stuff and find deals on SargesList.com

If you are PCSing or just spring-cleaning, we’d like to introduce you to a new and free valuable resource:  SargesList.com. It’s a website that helps us military families lighten our load during PCS (or everyday) – connecting other military families in need locally or globally. Linked to over 500 installations worldwide, this made just-for-military-communities website offers local PCS base information as well as classifieds for household goods, cars, real estate, pets, yard sales, jobs, military savings and more.  Even our deployed troops will find their base, allowing them to buy and sell creature comfort items in a safer environment.  www.sargeslist.com or press release http://bit.ly/lkfaIL

It’s different from other sites because if you sign up with a DOT MIL email, SargesList puts a paw stamp icon on the listings and communications so that you can identify who has been verified with a DOT MIL email. Heralded as the “Craigslist for military,” the SargesList Team (Army / AF veterans) hopes that if you like the site, you’ll spread the good word to your military friends around the world.

Promote Your Business / Organization / Event
In addition to selling or buying ‘stuff’, you can advertise your business or promote organizations or volunteer events- all on SargesList for free! www.sargeslist.com
More Than Just a Classifieds

SargesList is so much more than just classifieds and local base info. All with one login, you can also access local private forums (Base Buzz) where military spouses can leave behind our legacy tied to bases we’ve lived at. By telling others who are inbound about services and providers we’ve liked and who were military friendly and supportive. Being new to area, I’m sure you can fully appreciate the referrals of a good nail salon, day care or veterinarian.

Give It a Try!
SargesList went live in January, and is still gaining momentum. However, the more listings on the site, makes it more valuable for those who use it. So, check out the website and purge your unneeded items, buy wanted items, or share your legacy on Base Buzz forums.

Help them help us… help spread the word.  SHARE with your social network today! www.sargeslist.com

For more information about our tips, resources, or books go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

To submit a blog or tip of your own, write to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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