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More Tips for Military Families – #176

BONCO – Tip #176

Several years ago, when we were newly posted, I was given an invitation to attend a BONCO (also spelt – Bunco) party for wives.  At the time, it felt like just one more thing that I had to do, plan for and would not feel comfortable doing.  I was completely wrong (happens a lot)!  It was probably one of the best things I did for myself.  I attended with other wives that had military members deployed, away on training, at home getting on their nerves, etc.  It was the first time I had felt a part of a military community/family and I ended up looking forward to those monthly games not to win a prize or scream “BONCO!” (I liked that too) but more to get together with people who had a shared experience, who would understand what I was thinking or feeling.

The difference between getting together for dinner or coffee or for a chat and playing a game together is that there is a fun distraction.  The important things come up over the course of playing but it is hard to harp on the awful parts of military life when you are together playing a fun game.  You come together and laugh together, remind yourselves that you have each other and that there are still opportunities to enjoy life.


* Organize a monthly game (whichever game you choose although I have a love for Bonco!)

* Encourage your spouse, brother, father, mother, cousin, friend, mother, etc. to do this too.  Everyone in your family can benefit from this type of experience

* Set the time a month in advance so people can put it in their schedule (last Thursday of each month)

* Invite a wide group of people (perhaps the only thing you will have in common is military life)

* Take turns doing it at someone’s house (you don’t want to always be the host then it will be an obligation and a lot of work and not as fun)

* Set start and end times so that you don’t have people staying for hours on end when you are already tired

* You don’t have to play the same game each time, you can switch it up each time if you like

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