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More Tips for Military Families – #170

Walk It Off – Tip #170

I always say that I am going to take some time for myself but I rarely do.  I always have things to get done, stress over, deal with, etc. and taking that time to get some exercise never seems to happen.  In fact, the one thing that has been medically proven to make me healthier and would give me some time to myself is the thing I rarely do.  My husband came home from his last deployment having lost a ton of weight and able to run for days.  I ate through the deployment.  It made it challenging when we were trying to do things together as I was not fit enough to do a lot of the things that he would have enjoyed doing and it became another thing we weren’t connected on.  I really wish that each day I had taken some time even just to go for a short walk.

My tip today is also a challenge…

1) Choose a country – perhaps where a family member or friend is deployed to, a place you have always wanted to travel to, a country your ancestors are from, etc.

2) Find out the distance between your front door and there

3) Then make a goal to have walked there (the actual distance, not just take off walking and not looking back – tempting some days though!) by the time your family member returns, by the end of the year, by your next birthday, etc.

4) Keep a chart on your fridge or bathroom door of your miles/kilometres walked

5) Challenge others to do this, get people to sponsor you for each mile/kilometre and donate it to your favourite charity (if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the charity you are raising money for)

6) Get a world map and mark the distance you would have travelled each week

** You can also do this with a class or group and inspire them to get active too, they can track their progress and feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

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