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More Tips for Military Families with Teens – #122

Complaint Department – Tip #122

Teens often wish that their home or school had a complaints department.  They normally mistake a parent for the department.  Try something fun and find out a little more about your teen(s) and family in the process.  Have your tween or teen write anyone in the family a letter of complaint.  In fact, everyone in the family can write one.  You then randomly draw out a letter and answer it in your most diplomatic way.  It allows everyone to have a grumble (we do all need to vent at times) and feel as though they are being heard but it also allows there to be an end point and offer of a solution to the complaining.  It is a great activity to do at home, at school or in a group or centre setting.

The rules:

* Everyone must distinguish between a person and a person’s behaviour

* You must write respectfully

* All complaints must be responded to within 7 days

* All complaints must come in written form (via email or pen/paper)

* In your complaint letter you must also offer up a minimum of two possible solutions

* This activity should be done a monthly basis (more frequently and its novelty will wear off)

** Tweens and teens can also come up with the rules together so that they feel more a part of the process.

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