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More Tips for Military Families – #169

Take Your Time – Tip #169

I am an implusive, action taking, impatient, fool at times.  I tend to think that if I don’t act on something immediately then my opportunity will be lost or if I act immediately then I will be more successful or one step ahead.  While sometimes this is true it can also be my biggest downfall.  The times when these theories really fail me is when my husband is away or deployed.  I end up burning out, getting sick and being in a general funk by trying to do it all.  Time reveals things, adds more details, gives you time to come up with multiple solutions and sometimes makes it possible to not have to take any action at all.  Today’s tip is – take twice the time to do the things you want to do in a rush, implusively or immediately so that you will not exhaust yourself or burn out through an absence or deployment.  There is very little in this life that you need to do immediately and urgently (although it may feel like it at the time).


* Expand all of your time lines by doubling them

* Look at what in your life is a must vs. want

* Remind yourself that wasted time isn’t wasted if you are having fun or just relaxing

* Make a list of the things that would make you feel less rushed and stressed out if you didn’t have to do them and then look at what ones really can wait or that you can ask someone else to help you with

* Publish your ‘to dos’ where others can see them and help you out (which will save you time)

* Don’t get caught up in doing things that are urgent for other people (you’ll discover other people often think their issues are urgent and important when they aren’t)

* Look back on things that you didn’t get accomplish and laugh about how the world kept moving even though you didn’t get it done

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  1. Serious addict with this site, a bunch of your writes have truly helped me out. Awaiting updates!

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