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Book Recommendation of the Week

The Wishing Tree – By: Mary Redman

The wishing tree is not only a great book to read before or during a deployment but gives families a great way to mark time, keep a sense of hopefulness and purpose during a deployment.

At the beginning of the book, Amanda’s father has just left for a year long (perhaps longer) deployment.  She decides to make a wishing tree.  Each day she writes on a ribbon a wish for her Dad.  The wishes include – a safe flight, protect her Daddy from harm, I love you, Thank-you, etc.  When her Dad came home she presented him with her tree of wishes.


* Make your own wishing tree with a large branch and a plant pot

* Have each family member take turns making wishes

* Take pictures regularly to track the “growth” of the tree

* When your friend or family member returns, let them untie and read each ribbon then have them all laid out the way you want them and get it framed

* Take a picture of all of the ribbons laid out once they are home and send that to everyone that put a wish on the tree

* If you work at or in a school, this is a great whole school or class activity – each child has a leaf once a week that they add a wish to it (we did this in a front hall of a base school one year and it was a great way for students, staff and parents to realize that we were all in it together and make wishes and have a sense of hopefulness)

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