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Book Recommendation of The Week

The Fifth Rule – By Don Aker

Regardless of whether you are in a military family or not, your kids need to read books that they can connect to, books that give them insights into other teen thoughts, actions and feelings, and books that teach them about their limits.  This book is about Reef Kennedy – a former young offender.  When he returns back to the former city of where he committed his crimes, he is forced to think about the consequences of his actions, discover who he is, what he wants and how to move on with his own life after the death of the only man that ever gave him a chance.

Reef let his anger control his actions.  Several years ago he ended up throwing a stone off an overpass which ended up nearly killing Leeza.  It would be a great book to read to a class and then debate around whether or not we should send young offenders to jail or give them opportunities in their communities to change their lives.  There is also the relationship between Reef and Leeza which would be a good starting point for discussion too – what things can you truly forgive someone for and what do you think you couldn’t?  Leeza’s mother and Leeza’s relationship is also a discussion point as Leeza’s mother could be percieved as over-protective – when do parents need to give you more freedom and let you make your own mistakes and live your life?

This book makes teens think about how one decision, one thoughtless moment, one angry gesture can not only change your life but someone else’s forever.

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  1. I would love to get this book for my 13 y/o. I tried finding it on Amazon, but it’s not listed. Any ideas where I can buy a copy?

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