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More Tips for Military Families – #51

Jokes and Quotes – Tip #51

Laughter continues to be the best medicine.  Some days if I don’t laugh, I cry!  It is important for all families to laugh together.  You need to look at your lives and the world around you and find the humour in it because those are the moments your family will remember, need and enjoy the most.  This isn’t to suggest that you don’t talk about serious things or laugh off your problems.  My rule is to make sure I have laughed with my children every day.  If a friend or family member is going to or returning from a deployment he/she may feel like there isn’t a lot to laugh about – it will be your job to show them there is still a lot left in the world to find joy or laugh about.  Laughter builds hope and you can never have too much hopefulness.


* Ask someone in your family to tell you about the funniest part of your day

* Teach your family members how to laugh about the frustrating moments life throws your way by doing it yourself

* Buy a calendar with a joke of the day on it

* Start making a competition with friends or family members to see who would win funniest moment of the day award

* Text your family member a joke each day

* Watch funny movies or TV shows together

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