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Reader’s Tip #11

Strong Support System – Reader’s Tip #11

You have to have a strong support system! I really knew nothing of the Army life before my son deployed before his 1st deployment, which is currently now being served in Afghanistan, but thankfully I was able to drive with my sister from Te…xas to Ft Campbell, KY, to see him off & while there, I met not only some of his Battle Buddies, who friended this Army Mom, but also their wives & their Moms, who also FB friended me! These connections turned out to be one of my life lines this past 8-months! They in turned me onto daily devotional for deployed loved ones & such other support systems! I also have a strong support system in my friends & church & neighbors! You can’t go through a deployment alone, you have to talk it through with people who understand what you are feeling & going through, you are the one at home waiting for a call or anything to tell your son is ok & alive! You have to have a strong support system to get through a deployment!
Jannett (Military Mom) – Texas

Think you don’t have a support system?

* Try making a list of friends, co-workers, family members, etc. that you would be comfortable asking for the big and small favours
* Do what Jannett did, go on Facebook or the internet and join support networks
* Check out your local military readiness or resource centre and ask to be connected with people, groups or agencies that can provide you with answers to questions, support and encouragement
* Create your own support system and make a weekly or monthly meeting date and choose a spot to get together and share your thoughts, feelings, worries or just have a laugh

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