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Book Recommendation of the Week

The Invisible String – By Patrice Karst

This is the perfect book for any deployment or absence.  It is a story that reminds children (and adults) that they are never truly alone.  The mother in the story explains that people that love you and that you love are always connected by a very special string made of love.  This string can’t be seen by the human eye or felt by hands but you will be able to feel it deep in your heart.  The string will help you to know that you are always connected to the people you love whether they are near or far.  It is written to calm children’s fear about being apart from the people that they love and is an ideal read for kids who are going through deployments or extended absences of people that are an essential part of their world.

One activity you could you with your children, class, group, grandchildren, etc. is to put up a string and then they can cut out hearts and attach the people and things in their world that are important to them.  It can be their own string of love.

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